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Versity : zoom on Tokenomy with Prince Ludju

What's the tokenomy on versity?


Prince Ludju, co-founder of the consulting firm Maestria Blockchain tells us more about the development of Versity Tokenomics, in which he has been actively involved. But first, we give you a quick refresher on what the Versity project is.



The Versity metaverse

Versity is a from Les Agences de Papa and that comes to answer all the issues that can be encountered in the real estate market and that will make it evolve on the metaverse. Versity is an integrated tool that will allow the person to immerse himself in a property and in its environment and to even plan its layout, the modeling, the filing of applications with bankers, the call for architects ... And that's why we can consider that Versity is the future of the metavers. One will be able to buy PARSELL which will represent the zip codes of real life. 

In addition to all these real estate services, it will also offer other very varied services for example one will be able to organize and take part in events, festivals or or sports games, to everything that can happen in real life finally. 


Versity: zooming in on Parsell

We told you about it before here. The Versity metavers project offers two types of PARSELL: Premium and Explorer.

  • Premiums are rare NFTs,  representing 6.57% of total NFTs, they have a high rarity factor and will be sold at auction.    

  • Explorers represent 93.43% of total NFTs, they have a rarity factor between 1 and 50. The resale price of the Explorer NFTs, consistent with the CA forecasts up to 10M, is calculated so as to obtain a reference price before the auction of $131.8 ( calculation detailed in the WP).  Number NFT EXPLORER: 32,609   


Versity pricing parsell.png


Versity pricing NFT.png

Tokenomics, the breakdown of total Supply Versity 

Total Supply Breakdowns: 10 Billion SITY

  • Private sale: 10%
  • Community incentives: 15%
  • Ecosystem Development: 20%
  • Advisors: 7%
  • Team: 11%
  • Reserve: 20%


versity tokenomi total supply.png



Versity : vesting and Lock-up 


  • Vesting: the process of releasing tokens after a specified lock-up period that is called Lock-up. At the end of this period, all of our investors will be able to claim their SITY according to the pre-established acquisition curve. This system was put in place to guarantee the stability of the project, as well as the viability of the ecosystem we are building in the short medium and long term. 


  • Lock-up: this is a retention period during which our investors will not be able to sell their SITY. This mechanism helps limit massive profit-taking from new arrivals.


versity vesting lockup.png


Versity: reasons behind moving from 3 rounds to 5 

  • Because of the Bear Market, we decided to stagger rounds to optimize the SITY acquisition process, opening up the sale at opportune, internally-considered times.


  • Our desire is to make the project as mainstream as possible. Raising 10 Million in 3 rounds and raising 10 Million in 5 rounds has a different effect. In the 2nd case we integrated, by the graduation of the prices, the access to the different exchanges of the users. For example the last 2 Rounds, the Minbuy are $250 and $100 respectively.

 To find out more about Versity, read the interview with its co-founder Nicolas Fratini !