What is the SITY,<br>exchange token on Versity?

What is the SITY,
exchange token on Versity?

The SITY token is a key element of the Versity metaverse and is used for every exchange. It runs on the Polygon blockchain and has several uses.

The token is the essential basis of a metaverse. For the Versity project, it is the SITY token. It is the currency of exchange for all operations carried out in this universe created in the image of our real world, in virtual. We tell you more about the SITY and its many uses.

Versity: the uses of SITY

First of all, the SITY token is necessary for all transactions, whether it's for purchasing PARSELL NFTs or for paying for services available on Versity.

The SITY token is also useful for the rights of use, in order to pay the owners of the PARSELL NFTs for each economic activity that takes place on their PARSELL (distribution of goods, service proposal, advertising etc...)

It also allows to collect a part of the royalties resulting from the resale of the PARSELL NFTs, which is redistributed in SITY to the holders.

The Versity token can be immobilized during a determined period, to generate passive incomes.

Concerning the governance, the SITY allows its holders to vote and take part in collective decisions.

Last but not least: the financial mechanism. A percentage of each transaction made on Versity will be dedicated to a liquidity pool.

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An allocation in favor of the SITY price evolution

The allocation structure of SITY

  • 1.4 billion SITY for the public offering of tokens
  • 1 billion SITY for the private sale of tokens. Unsold tokens will be placed in the pool
  • 300 million SITY for the liquidity pool
  • 2 billion SITY for the Reserve held by Les Agences de Papa and planned to meet the obligatory demand of SITY
  • 1.5 billion SITY for community incentives and rewards
  • SITY 2 billion for ecosystem development
  • SITY 1.1 billion for free distribution to collaborators and the project team
  • 700 million SITY for the project's advice

SITY token Pricing

An affordable issue price

The amount to be raised in the ICO phase is $9,750,000.00. The ICO supply corresponds to 14% of the total supply or 1,400,000,000 (one billion four hundred million tokens).

RoundsUnit priceDiscount
Round 1$0,0045 70%
Round 2$0,0050 66,67%
Round 3$0,0060 60%
Round 4$0,0075 50%
Round 5$0,0100 33,33%
Listing $0,015 0%

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Versity: SITY tokenism

A project led by web3 experts

Many specialists in web3, blockchain and decentralized finance accompany the Versity project, especially on its tokenism. Among them are Amin Lams, ICO advisor, Émilien Ercolani, blockchain experts and Prince Ludju, co-founder of Maestria Blockchain.

The minimum subscription amount Versity

A minimum subscription amount and a maximum subscription amount have been set in relation to the 5 rounds of the SITY Public Offering.

RoundsMinimum amount
Round 1$1000
Round 2$500
Round 3$500
Round 4$250
Round 5 $100

Lock-up and vesting conditions

One of Versity's primary objectives in ensuring the success of the project is to maintain a stable token price at the end of the ICO. To achieve this, a "cliff" process, which consists in blocking the use of the tokens for a determined period of time, and a "vesting" process, which consists in releasing the tokens in a staggered manner, have been set up.

Each contributor is subject to both conditions in an optimized way in order to harmonize the overall Versity strategy.

In order to maximize the "farming" program that will be implemented, the conditions of "vesting/cliff" have been thought to favor a sufficient supply availability according to the different profiles of contributors.

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