Versity ICO round 3

Round 3

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ICO Versity Round 3

Invest now in the future of real estate

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103,498,223 / 600,000,000
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A unique environment for immersive real estate

  • A virtual universe linking the physical and digital worlds
  • Technological and evolutionary (enrichment of functionalities, security)
  • Easy to access and intuitive
  • Homogeneous between user profiles (individuals and professionals)
Why Versity?

Invest in the future!

VERSITY is the first metaverse dedicated to real estate and the housing life cycle, serving professionals, investors and individuals.

SearchIt's the enhanced search engine for real estate

A virtual representation of the real world, immersive & interactive tours with possibility of projection in the property.

FindA tool for the real estate economy

All housing, property evolution and projection, geo contextualised services...

SpeculateIt is a new investment vehicle

Passive returns, active returns, speculation and marketplace.

Sell & BuyTrade on our Marketplace

Become the manager of your own service exchange.

ValorizeSell your creation skills

"Work" on Versity and be rewarded for your participation and involvement. Create value and services of Versity.

OwnOwn your land

Owners of NFTs receive a "right of use" for any economic activity taking place there.


Sity Coin

Sity Coin Details

Asset name Sity
Starting Price$0,015
Coin typePolygon Blockchain
Hard cap$9.975.000,00
Initial supply 10Mds Sity

Sity Coin allocation

  • 59% Community, Rewards, Dev
  • 18% Versity Core Team & Advisors
  • 3% Liquidity Providing
  • 20% Reserve

Powered by Polygon chain

Polygon PoS is a solution that achieves unprecedented transaction speed and cost savings by utilizing side-chains for transaction processing.
POS ensures asset security using the robust Plasma bridging framework and a decentralized network of Proof-of-Stake (PoS) validators.


Transactions per seconds


Average fee per transaction


Transactions completed


CO2 emissions (Kg)

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Our web3 experts advisors


Philippe Journo
Chairman & Founder Compagnie de Phalsbourg
Alfonso Lopez de Castro
Financial Advisor
Nathan Benchimol
Web3 Business Angel
Teddy Riner
Partner & Judo Champion
Alec Henry
Web3 Advisor
Amin Lams
ICO Advisor
DeFi Advisor
Emilien Ercolani
Blockchain Specialist
Prince Ludju
Tokenomics Specialist
Our technical partners


Web3 Experts and Entrepreneurs

Our Team

Nicolas Fratini
Co Founder & Co-CEO
Frederic Ibanez
Co Founder & Co-CEO
Claude Li
Alexandre Berche
Matthieu Ladiray
Narjis Zekhnini
Project Manager
Melody Precious
3D Designer
Christophe Alamargot
3D Designer
Morgan Morando
Designer & Front-end Developer
Karine Boston
Product Designer
Anaïs Bence
Content Manager
Corentin Postic
Full Stack Developer
Marc Pantel
Full Stack Developer
Arnaud Behr
Myriam Cautela Semail
Head of Sales
Vincent Gence
Head of Partnership
Sera Dufoi
Head of HR
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