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Versity is dedicated to real estate and the housing lifecycle, linking the real and virtual worlds in a complete ecosystem.

Want to sell a property ?

Versity allows you to create your own ad on its platform, to make your property visible in the virtual world in a totally immersive way. A new service available to all real estate agents, but also to individuals.
Selling faster and better with Versity
<span class='block w-full text-right md:text-left'>to sell a property ?</span>

Selling through


How does it work?

Either you already have a model of your property that you can upload directly into Versity, or you can call upon our pool of 3d builders and artists to create one for you. You can then buy assets to decorate your property in the form of NFTs (paintings, objects, plants, etc. ...)

Finally, you can post your property for sale in a few clicks and manage your visits yourself, or entrust them to a real estate agent. You don't have a 3D model of your property? Don't worry, you can upload a video, a 360° visit, etc. to put your property online and attract visitors. You can then optimize your ad thanks to Builders.

How does it work?
In short, to place your ad in Versity, you just have to :
  • Upload your property directly to the metaverse
  • Use our pool of builders and 3D artists
  • Buy NFTs to decorate your property
  • Manage your ad online

The next steps ofVersity's journey

Q2 2023

Beta immersive tours

Purchase NFT PARSELL (primary market)

Marketplace (Resale of NFT PARSELL on the secondary market and rental of space for services on the PARSELLs)

S2 2023

Provision of 3D avatars

Launch of immersive tours

SITY listing

Implementation of a Governance/DAO system via the holding of SITY

Start of the development of Metavers VERSITY outside of France