What is the NFT PARSELL Versity?

Our metavers Versity offers virtual properties in the form of PARSELL NFTs.

Versity is a metaverse that replicates the real world we live in. In our metaverse, you can buy or sell virtual parcels in the form of PARSELL NFTs. Each territory is divided and corresponds to a postal code. We tell you more about these PARSELL NFTs: the NFTs revolution in the web3 world!

Buying an NFT PARSELL: an advantageous investment

There are many advantages to buying PARSELL NFTs on the Versity metaverse. And everyone can benefit from it! Investing in a PARSELL NFT means becoming the owner of a virtual parcel that corresponds to a real postal code. A parcel that will generate an economy for which you will be paid in digital tokens, the SITY.
As a result, the more the economy will be developed on your parcel, the more you will have to earn!

Concretely, you will have two ways to develop this economy:

  • Either you can “trade“ your parcel by exchanging or reselling it
  • Or you can offer services on your parcel such as real estate ads, advertising and even in the future the organization of events. New offers that can generate regular income.

2 categories of NFTs PARSELL on Versity

NFTs Parsell Versity Premium

NFTs Parsell Versity Premium

  • Premiums represent 6.57% of the total NFTs.
  • They have a high rarity factor.
  • The total number of PARSELL Premium NFTs is 2.294.
  • The minimum starting price at auction will be $825.
  • They will be auctioned with a starting price. You will also have the possibility to buy them directly without going through the auction at a fixed price.
NFTs Parsell Versity Explorer

NFTs Parsell Versity Explorer

  • The Explorers represent 93.43% of the total NFTs.
  • They have a rarity factor between 1 and 50.
  • The total number of PARSELL Explorer NFTs is 32.609.
  • The minimum starting price at the auction will be 135$.
  • They will be auctioned via a lottery system to receive a randomly issued PARSELL NFT. You will also have the possibility to buy on the marketplace.

Versity : Parsell economy

An organizational chart based on 3 blocks

PARSELL income

Parsell owners will be paid for the savings generated on their NFTs. This economy can be created through different offers, with the diffusion of real estate ads, advertising, services of providers like architects and much more... A real economic potential!

PARSELL income

Meta builder

A community of meta builders, 3D designers, architects, will be available to Parsell holders to work on different projects. They will be paid in SITY for any finalized work.

Meta builder

Visit to earn

Mécanisme pour récompenser les visiteurs, inspiré d’un modèle play to earn classique.

Visit to earn

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