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Make the virtuala reality

We're integrating Builders as real Versity players. A way of increasing the appeal of Versity and PARSELL NFTs through 3D modeling. Would you like to help build Versity?

Become a Builder on Versity!

You are a 3D artist, 3D architect, graphic designer, designer... You can join the Versity Builders community! All 3D professions are welcome. Your mission? Create 3D assets for interiors (paintings, furniture, decoration...) and for exteriors (buildings, trees, benches, bus stops...) to equip PARSELL or apartments. A panel of tools is at your disposal for all your achievements.

<span>Become a Builder</span>
<span class='block'>on Versity!</span>

Going further

thanks to 3D

How does it work?

You will be able to take advantage of the build-to-earn, an incentive mechanism designed especially for builders, which will allow you to be creative, by building and improving the rendering of PARSELL. And in return, you will be rewarded in SITY!

How does it work?

Steps ofthe process

You join the Builders Versity community by filling out our form.
You are selected, congratulations, you will participate in the design of the Versity metaverse!
You have 2 options:n- either you let your creativity run free by creating the assets you want and that you can sell on the marketplace to earn SITYn- or you can be solicited by a Land owner for a specific request and he will pay you in SITY
You can now enjoy the income generated by your NFT assets. You can decide on the supply of your NFTs yourself. You can choose to make your creation unique to capitalize on the value of its rarity, or you can create NFTs assets in series, in order to benefit from passive income and sell several of them.
You know everything, now it's your turn to play! The Versity team is looking forward to your 3D creations.

The next steps ofVersity's journey

Q2 2023

Beta immersive tours

Purchase NFT PARSELL (primary market)

Marketplace (Resale of NFT PARSELL on the secondary market and rental of space for services on the PARSELLs)

S2 2023

Provision of 3D avatars

Launch of immersive tours

SITY listing

Implementation of a Governance/DAO system via the holding of SITY

Start of the development of Metavers VERSITY outside of France