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Press releases

Pilot test launched on a 294-home program in Dubai7/6/2023
SITY listed on Bitexen6/20/2023
Versity at Provada with Dynamis6/13/2023
Les Agences de Papa becomes Versity6/6/2023
Annual results for 2022 and secure working capital requirements for the next 12 months5/31/2023
Financing line for a maximum amount of 10 M€ through the issuance of warrants for the issue of shares at a fixed price of €2 per share3/14/2023
Minutes of the ORDINARY GENERAL MEETING of DECEMBER 13, 202212/14/2022
Versity closes the 2nd round of its ICO11/30/2022
Annual General and Special Meeting 20229/12/2022
Strong increase in sales and related revenues in H1 20228/21/2022
Availability of the 2021 Annual Financial Report7/31/2022
Resumption of the quotation of Les Agences de Papa7/3/2022
Versity seduces investors - Huge success of the 1st round of ICO6/26/2022
Publication schedule for the 2021 Annual Financial Report6/2/2022
Versity pre-sales sold out - LADP metavers project attracts5/16/2022
Suspension of listing in the context of the ICO pre-placement5/8/2022
Postponement of the publication of the 2021 Annual Financial Report5/1/2022
Les agences de Papa announce upcoming launch of 1st real estate ecosystem in the metaverse4/18/2022
Results for the year 2021 and outlook for 20224/6/2022
Launch of "Papa Partners"1/31/2022
The Holmarcom Group enters the capital of Les Agences de Papa1/26/2022
Les agences de Papa unveil their strategy for 20221/19/2022
Unaudited Financial Statements 1st half of 202110/28/2021
Financial results 1st half of 202110/28/2021
Les agences de Papa have a mission!10/27/2021
Capital increase and new investors9/16/2021
Activity in the first half of 20218/2/2021
New headquarters in 20227/11/2021
Les agences de Papa get into the rental business6/30/2021
Les agences de Papa go public5/17/2021
Eligibility of Les agences de Papa for the PMA-SME5/11/2021


Presentation of the Versity project12/31/2022

Financial reports

Annual financial report 20236/18/2024
Half-yearly financial report H1 202310/31/2023
Statutory auditors' report on the issue of ordinary shares and/or securities of the Company reserved for members of a company savings plan (plan d'épargne d'entreprise)6/27/2023
Statutory auditors' report on the issue of warrants for the purchase of business creators' shares6/27/2023
Statutory auditors' report on the authorization to grant existing or future bonus shares6/27/2023
Statutory auditors' report on the issue of shares and/or securities without pre-emptive subscription rights6/27/2023
Statutory auditors' report on the issue of shares and share equivalents with or without pre-emptive subscription rights6/27/2023
Statutory auditors' report on the capital reduction6/27/2023
LADP - RFA 20225/31/2023
Management Report Including Group Management Report for the Year Ended December 31, 20219/9/2022
Half-yearly financial report H1 20226/29/2022
Statutory auditor's report on the consolidated financial statements 20212/28/2022
Auditor's report on the annual accounts 20212/28/2022

General meetings

Notice to shareholders of the Ordinary and Extraordinary Meeting of June 30, 20236/29/2023
Notice to the Ordinary General Meeting of December 13, 202212/12/2022
Document sent - R.225-81 / AGOE 9/09/20229/8/2022
Voting form for the AGE of 09/09/20229/8/2022
Minutes of the Extraordinary General Meeting10/14/2021
Voting form for the AGE10/14/2021
Convocation AGE of shareholders10/14/2021
Notice to shareholders of the Ordinary and Extraordinary General Meeting of 09/09/20229/8/2021

Regulated information

Regulated information5/23/2023