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Versity: how the metaverse is revolutionizing real estate?

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The Versity metaverse project was launched by the startup Les Agences de Papa at the end of June with the 1st round of the ICO which was a great success. As a reminder, Versity is the first metaverse dedicated to real estate and the housing life cycle, serving professionals, investors and individuals. Meet Nicolas Fratini, its co-founder to find out more about the project.


What is the metaverse?

The metaverse is an immersive and virtual environment where one can interact with other users and exchange value via NFTs and cryptocurrency.

Why is Les Agences de Papa going into the metaverse?

We're going into the metaverse because we've always had disruptive DNA. Here too, we therefore want to use new technologies to disrupt yet another branch of this market that really needs to be revolutionized, namely visits. We use blockchain technology to offer something innovative. It will be a world first!

Tell us about your VERSITY metaverse project and its added value on the real estate market?

Versity is the first immersive web3 real estate portal. This will allow real estate professionals and also people who are interested in it to have much more information. We can visit the neighborhood in an immersive way, the apartment in the same way and above all discuss with all the real estate and housing professionals. We are going to stick an immersive web3 technology with the real world.

With Versity, we really want to change the codes of the real estate market. We have always placed transparency at the heart of our project. With blockchain technology, we can really offer something new in this aspect. Concretely, there will be a digital identity card of the property, on which we can find in real time and in a very simple way all the information of the property in question. We want to use this technology to go much further and always offer additional services to save buyers time in this sector that needs to be reviewed and really revolutionized!

Your philosophy through Versity?

Our philosophy has always been to simplify the entire journey of a buyer or a seller in the real estate sector. With Versity, we will allow a much easier interconnection and we have always done it with Les Agences de Papa. This tool will allow all real estate professionals, and therefore not only us, to democratize the metaverse.

Tell us about Agences de Papa, the startup behind the Versity project?

Les Agences de Papa is a startup born in October 2019, with a 20% awareness rate in France. It disrupted the market with a commission from €2,000, therefore 10 times cheaper than the prices usually charged. This has made it possible to democratize this sector and above all our mission was to make access to property easier and within the reach of as many people as possible. We did an IPO, various fundraisers, more than 12 million euros and we became known by the French. We also have a renowned ambassador, Teddy Riner, who helps us promote our brand.

In our journey, we place the digital journey at the heart of our investment. Versity is the extension and continuity of our project. This will provide real estate professionals with innovative tools, which will facilitate the sale of real estate and therefore access to property in a much easier way.


A Parsell is a postal code, that is to say that we will give the possibility to people who wish to have rewards according to the location of the postal code and therefore of the Parsell in question.


What will Versity actually look like?

Versity is composed of 3 elements:
• The metaverse, so the immersive world stuck to reality where you can visit the neighborhood, the apartment and interact with all the real estate professionals;
The PARSELL, we have divided France for the moment, then we will widen our vision to Europe, then to the world. A PARSELL is a postal code, that is to say that we will give the possibility to people who wish to have rewards according to the location of the postal code and therefore of the PARSELL in question.
• Finally the SITY is the utility token that will be used to buy services and also buy PARSELL to also be an investor in our project.

What are the benefits of going through Versity?

In the real estate industry, we have an efficiency problem. 9 out of 10 visits are unsuccessful. With Versity, we will have a lot more information so we will go to the physical visit with all the elements: the quotes, the questions... and we will already have the answers so it will be a huge time saver.

What is the roadmap for the Versity project?

The 1st phase was the ICO, to launch our utility token called the SITY, it took place on June 23. There will then remain 4 more rounds before moving on to the next phase, the final listing of our SITY, first on index a decentralized exchange platform, then decentralized.* The 3rd phase will be the launch of a marketplace to buy and sell our PARSELLS and therefore the NFTs at the end of October. After that, there will be the launch of the real estate portal platform, first with a simplified immersion at the end of the year, then next year we will return to a more extensive immersion, i.e. the concept described just before of Versity with visits and exchanges.

I invite you to visit our website and especially follow our social networks: Twitter, Telegram, Instagram, LinkedIn to be aware of all the news of the Versity project.

To discover the interview with Claude Li, CEO of Versity, it happens here.


*The following information has been adapted after the video as the strategy has evolved.