The Versityproject

Versity allows everyone to access the purchase, sale or rental of physical or virtual goods, but also to manage, offer services, create and model and be rewarded through an exchange token called SITY.

Our mission

With Versity, we want to make the use of decentralised technologies a reality in order to bring transparency to the real estate market. We are convinced that the virtues of blockchain are sound and will create concrete benefits for all in the future.  The Versity metaverse  is a persistent space or universe focused on the real estate ecosystem. It presents continuous bridge between the real world and the virtual world.

Pushing the boundaries of reality

Our mission

the future of real estate

Our ambition is clear: to create a virtual real estate environment, but connected to the real world. And thus imagine how we will consume real estate and housing services in the years to come, in a collaborative and decentralized way. We want to revolutionize the sector by offering new tools and services to individuals, professionals and investors. The creation of the Versity metaverse is also an opportunity to think long-term. Tomorrow, everyone will be able to access certified data and thus make decisions more quickly and under better conditions.

Future is now

Versity:<br />the future of real estate

Future ofReal estate

Step 1
Technology for real estate
Provide tools to offer full immersion, to plan layout, design or even to model a purchase project in order to tackle efficiency issue for individuals and professionals.
Step 2
A new way of investing
Invest in an area rather than a property, bet on the attractiveness of a piece of NFT PARSELL, and so much more. Become an owner of ZIP Code that you can monetize.
Step 3
Merging real and virtual worlds
Bridge the gap between real and virtual and visit properties anytime anywhere.
Step 4
Out of this world experience
From mobile phone to virtual reality headset, you will have total control over your environment from your living room.


your journey

Versity's ecosystem

An ecosystem built by and for all users of the metaverse Versity. It is for both professionals and individuals, offering a multitude of possibilities in the real and virtual world: real estate transactions anywhere in the world, imersive viewing of real properties and their surroundings. Along with proposing and facilitating real world services (moving, financing, etc.) Purchase NFT PARSELL and generate income now.

Enter VersityMetaverse

A marketplace full
of surprises


Holding a NFT Parsells gives you concrete value, you are not only the owner of a piece of land, you will also generate income from the economic activity of the Parsell.


Check out our marketplace!

Holding a NFT Parsells gives you concrete value, you are not only the owner of a piece of land, you will also generate income from the economic activity of the Parsell.

Check out our marketplace!

An exchange token created for the users

The SITY token is a fundamental element of Versity. It is the only way to access the goods and services offered by the ecosystem. The token can be used in many ways, it allows to :
  • Transactions and buying services
  • Recovering revenue generated on NFT PARSELL
  • Staking to generate interest
  • Being a decision maker via the governance system
  • Feeding the liquidity pool



Classified ads

Classified ads

Real estate agents and property owners will be able to place their ads on the metaverse in order to increase their visibility and make more visits. The owners of the NFTs PARSELL will then be able to recover a percentage of the generated revenues.


Leads generation

Leads generation

The professions linked to real estate (promoters, bankers, insurers, architects, decorators, etc.) will be able to pay to be put in touch with prospects.




Brands will be able to broadcast advertising inserts to increase their visibility and provide themselves with an additional distribution channel.


Key partners

Key partners

E-commerce, e-ticketing, e-learning that will generate revenue streams in the ecosystem.

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Versity’s adventure

Q2 2023

Beta immersive tours

Purchase NFT PARSELL (primary market)

Marketplace (Resale of NFT PARSELL on the secondary market and rental of space for services on the PARSELLs)

S2 2023

Provision of 3D avatars

Launch of immersive tours

SITY listing

Implementation of a Governance/DAO system via the holding of SITY

Start of the development of Metavers VERSITY outside of France