Real estate metaverse: the Versity project

Versity: who are we?

Since 2019, Les Agences de Papa has been revolutionizing real estate with agency fees starting at 2 000 €. Having become the first digital real estate agency in France in less than 3 years, its strategy is simple: break the glass ceiling through innovation.

We have succeeded in building a hyper-growth company and laying the foundations for the real estate revolution. But true to our philosophy, we are aware of the major challenges ahead for our industry: the Web3 revolution, the sharing and distribution of value as well as new modes of consumption are pushing us to continue innovating always further! Les Agences de Papa is a Public Company, the first Proptech to be listed on Euronext Access+™ Paris.


the future of real estate

With the Versity metaverse, we want to make the use of decentralised technologies a reality in order to bring transparency to the real estate market. We are convinced that the virtues of blockchain are sound and will create concrete benefits for all in the future. The new era of real estate The Versity metaverse is a persistent space or universe focused on the real estate ecosystem. It presents several links between the real world and the virtual world.

The Versity metaverse allows everyone to buy, sell or rent physical or virtual goods, but also to manage, propose services, create and model and be rewarded through an exchange token called SITY. Versity is the tool for the Web 3.0 real estate world.

Our ambition is clear: to create a virtual real estate environment, but connected to the real world. And thus imagine how we will consume real estate and housing services in the years to come, in a collaborative and decentralized way. We want to revolutionize the sector by offering new tools and services to individuals, professionals and investors. The creation of the Versity metaverse is also an opportunity to think long-term. Tomorrow, everyone will be able to access certified data and thus make decisions more quickly and under better conditions.

The 3 Components of the Versity Metaverse

Metaverse Versity

An ecosystem built by and for all users of the Metaverse Versity. This is the playground, the basic virtual universe. It is for both professionals and individuals, offering a multitude of possibilities in the real and virtual world for:

Metaverse Versity

Versity’s marketplace

The marketplace is the central place for transactions between users. All exchanges are done with our exchange tokens, the SITY.

Versity’s marketplace

NFT Parsell

The Versity metaverse is intended to be a replica of the real world in which it is possible to mint (create), sell or buy virtual plots of land in the form of NFT Parsell. The different countries and territories are divided into plots, corresponding to postal codes.

NFT Parsell
The SITY, exchange token

The SITY, exchange token

SITY: an exchange token at the service of Users The Versity metaverse is above all a system that is open and accessible to all, with a collective and decentralized mode of operation. In order to create an environment that is favorable to all, without privileging or harming anyone, the SITY exchange token will be the only way to access the goods and services offered on the Platform. As the entity operating the Versity metaverse, Les Agences de Papa ensures the issuance and marketing of SITY and does everything possible to make it a stable economic element over time.

Uses of Sity in Versity

The SITY token is a fundamental element of the Versity real estate platform. It is an exchange token running on the Polygon blockchain and is used for all exchanges. It’s used for:

  • All transactions whether it is the purchase of NFT plots or the payment of services or advertising
  • Paying the owners of the Parsell NFTs a «right of use» for each economic activity that takes place there (distribution of goods, provision of services, advertising etc.)
  • Collecting a share of the royalties from the resale of the NFTs is redistributed in SITY to the holders
  • Farming: the SITY token can be immobilized for a given period in order to generate passive income
  • Governance: the SITY allows its holders to vote and take part in collective decisions
  • Financial mechanism: a percentage of each transaction on Versity will be dedicated to feeding a liquidity pool

Versity Project History

The metaverse’s main mission

The main mission of the Versity metaverse Project team is to offer modern tools and services around the habitat, through an easily accessible metaverse. Real estate is no stranger to anyone, it is a need that remains vital. However, the codes of the real estate world have not changed much in decades. Thus, while there are an estimated 4 to 6 million real estate agents in the world, certain issues are still holding back the growth of the sector.

  • New technologies are only very rarely offered to individuals. Indeed, there are no integrated tools that allow one to immerse oneself in a property and its environment, to plan its layout and design or even to model a purchase project
  • Before, during or after the purchase of a property, no interactive solution is proposed, either in terms of value-added services or to respond to specific problems; • The process of buying, selling or renting is often long and complex, and never takes advantage of the opportunities provided by digital technology
  • Real estate professionals waste a lot of time (phone calls, multiple appointments, etc.) responding to their clients’ and prospects’ requests, which is detrimental to their real mission, which is to provide expertise
  • There is no possibility of investing in an area rather than a property, nor of betting on the attractiveness of a region, city or other

Versity’s gaming experience

In the long term, the Versity metaverse will make it possible to live, subject to the technological progress that may be observed, an almost total immersive experience and allowing it’s users to

  • Have total interaction, in the cities, inside properties, in the discussions with interlocutors, etc
  • Be able, through an avatar, to approach a property that interests them and start a voice or written discussion with the professional or owner concerned
  • Be able to virtually simulate possible modifications and additions (interior design, furniture, etc.)

The experience will be simple and accessible from a mobile phone, computer or virtual reality headset, via the touch screen, keyboard, mouse or controller.

Metaverse Business Model and Revenue Streams

Versity’s transaction fees

All transaction fees on the blockchain will be charged to SITY subscribers. These fees will correspond to a fraction of Digital Assets (MATIC) per transaction. They will be specified at the time of subscription (gas fees). Les Agences de Papa receives a percentage of each transaction made on the marketplace, a percentage of which will be allocated to a cash pool for the SITY.

Sales & drops of NFT Versity

i.e. the NFTs created for each country and developed by the company represent genuine investment products.

Royalties on NFTs sold on the marketplace

Royalties from the sales of NFTs Parsell on the marketplace, and from which also benefit the Users who are owners of the NFT Parsell.

Traffic & leads generated

Through advertising, digital e-commerce, NFTs Parsell and more. Of all the many options that brands can take to enter the Versity metaverse, through advertising, the traffic and leads generated, represent a very important income stream.

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