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Versity: 3D modeling

versity modelisation 3D metavers



The Versity is based on 3 pillars, the SITY token, the PARSELL NFTs and the metavers.

But 3D modeling is also one of the key elements of the project. We take a look at this necessary technical step with Matthieu Ladiray, CDO of Versity.



Modeling an interior in Versity in a fully immersive way goes through 3 main steps : 

- Taking measurements

- 3D modeling itself

- Working on the final rendering


Measuring can be done quite empirically with a meter of course, but also with LiDAR or other applications on an Iphone.

The second step, it's going to be the 3D modeling, that is to say all the work on the structure of the building, whether it's the creation of the walls or the work on the volumes. 

Finally the 3rd step, it's going to be the work on the rendering engine. Here, we work with Unreal.

The goal is really to work on the immersiveness, the interactivity of the visit. 

We can work on different elements, namely objects, furniture, plants, and why not also your paintings, so that the visitor already feels at home.


We tell you more about the Versity project right here.