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Versity : AMA with Tom crypto on the French metaverse

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On November 16, Tom Crypto hosted  Matthieu Ladiray, CDO Versity, on his Telegram channel to talk about the progress of the Versity project and the future of metavers. Without further ado, the Versity team invites you to (re)discover this interview on video!


How is the Versity team made up, what issues will the metaverse or what benefits there are to owning SITY throws?

But also what are the major actions planned to adapt the French metavers to the current market context, without forgetting to mention the PARSELL NFTs, an essential pillar of Versity.

Matthieu Ladiray, Versity CDO, answered all questions from Tom crypto, as well as the community to make the French metavers project as transparent as possible.

As a reminder, Versity is a metaverse that connects the real and virtual world and in which you can develop a real economy. 

In Versity, you can buy, sell, rent real estate, but also call on service providers for all kinds of services such as architects, insurers, modelers... and even advertise or organize events. 

Possibilities as infinite as in real life, which will allow holders of PARSELL NFTs to develop income.

To recall, a PARSELL NFT corresponds to a real INSEE code. For every savings generated on a PARSELL, its owner will be rewarded in SITY, Versity's digital token.


Find out more about Versity in our latest AMA!