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Versity Metaverse: AMA on the 4 pillars of the ecosystem

versity AMA ecosystème



The AMAs are the appointments with the Versity team to discover more about the project of the future of metavers! The last one was to remind the 4 pillars of Versity: the metaverse, the actors, the tools and its services. Back to our back-to-school AMA with Alexandre Berche, CMO and Matthieu Ladiray CDO.


1st pillar of Versity: the metavers

This is the metavers, it is the mirror of reality where we will be able to navigate,  enter an immersive world, where we will realize of de of the environment, the shops, the services, maybe even if we manage to do it the sound design around a real estate, so as to be able to have the maximum of information in the in the in the objective of a real estate acquisition.  So that's really the very foundation of why we thought Versity. It will be accessible by login and password and an avatar will be made by the user to wander through Versity and as I said before, the goal is to make the user experience immersive via an oculus headset, or else via a computer.


The 2nd pillar of Versity: the actors

These are the actors and there are several kinds.

• The property holders who can be either real estate agents, or independent agents or even individuals who directly put their property on sale. There are also the actors of the short term rental, following the example of a booking and Airbnb or a Pierre et Vacances. These actors of the short term rental will be able to put forward these rentals on Versity, another way of consuming the seasonal rental.

• Services around the real estate, so when you buy a property it can be architects,  banking organizations, insurers, furniture professionals, movers, etc. And when you visit a property in Versity in an immersive way, thanks to your oculus, you will be able to interact with these service professionals and thus access a certain number of services that they will have made available to the community.

• Individuals, buyers or tenants who will be able to access these services made available on the platform.

• The contributors (CAD, creative, designers, 3D modelers etc.) who are of capital use in the success of Versity, and more generally all the Versity team and partners who work today on the project.

• The visitors of the metaverse, our desire being to make the visit accessible to everyone, and in a free way. 


The 3rd pillar of Versity: the tools


The tools of Versity, numerous count: 

• Sity: utility token which is at the base of the token economy and which will be the means of exchange of all the services of the Metaverse.
Parsell: NFTs, corresponding to postal codes, on which services will be able to be exchanged thanks to the Sity.

• NFT sales platform: Marketplace allowing the purchase on the primary market and the resale on the secondary market of Parsells.

• Design competition platform: allows the selection of the pool of designer at the service of Parsell holders and real estate actors for the design of exteriors and/or interiors.

• Advertising platform: allows companies of various services to solicit Parsell owners in order to advertise their services to the general public.

• Member area, including:proprietary messaging system NFT & person interested in doing an activity on the Parsell, service of depositing an ad and the list of designers to contact if need Design.

The 4th pillar of Versity: services

• Classified ads: revenue related to all real estate ads that will be published on the platform.

• Digital advertising: enabling real-world advertising and communication players to leverage Versity to multiply their touchpoints and thus generate more revenue.

• Data monetization.


And tomorrow, Versity could have many more surprises in store. Affiliation, online store modeling, event organization, NFTs art buying galleries... 
Stay tuned to follow the adventures of the metaverse future!


To find the replay of the AMA Live, it's this way!