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Versity: 3 good reasons to invest in Round 2 of the ICO

versity ico round 2 metavers


It's official:the ICO  Round 2 opened on Tuesday, October 18, 2022, noon. So what are the interests in participating in the ICO ? The Versity team tells you more about the metavers and its benefits.


As a reminder, Versity is a French metavers that connects the virtual and real. Objective of this project created by the startup Les Agences de Papa? To revolutionize the real estate market by allowing everyone to be able to visit properties as well as their environment in the metaverse: common areas and building facades, environment and local shops...

In this metaverse, you can buy virtual plots in the form of NFTs PARSELL, which correspond to real postal codes. You thus become the owner of an NFT on which you can develop an economy and services. A real economic potential from which you can benefit! 


1. An NFT offered to the first investors 

The first 1,000 investors in Round 2 of the Versity ICO will automatically earn 1 NFT each. As a reminder, a PARSELL NFT corresponds to a zip code on Versity. It is a parcel of land that you become the owner of and on which you can develop a real economy, for which you will be paid. Hence the importance of being quick to take advantage of this benefit!


versity ico nft offert.jpg


👉 You can click here to enter the ICO

2. An advantageous sponsorship offer

Versity has set up a sponsorship offer so that you can invite all your loved ones to enter the world of metavers! For each relative who joins the project, you will get 7% of their investment! And they won't be outdone since each godson will receive 3%.

We explain how to take advantage of this offer and generate your referral link in our tutorial!



3. A discount on the listing price.

By investing in the Versity project, you will be able to enjoy 66.67% discount on the listing price. The purchase price of SITY is $0.0050. The minimum buy is set at $500 and the maximum buy at $300,000.


versity ico price listing.jpg


As a reminder, the SITY is the Versity exchange token. It is a crucial part of the Versity metaverse as it serves as the currency of exchange for every transaction that is conducted there.


To participate in Round 2 of the Versity ICO and invest in the future of the metaverse, it's here!

To discover more about the Versity project, check out our project page.