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Versity NFT PARSELL Contest

jeu concours versity metavers contest sity

Win $1000 in SITY

Are you a 3D designer or artist at heart and love a challenge? Good thing Versity is launching a design contest!


Objective of the NFT PARSELL Versity challenge

Design 3 NFTs PARSELL in 3D for the 1st metaverse real estate, Versity!!

2 Parsell Premium NFTs

Rare and custom NFTs, which make up only 6.57% of all PARSELL NFTs. You just have to choose the 2 you want to design from our list.

1 Heart NFT

The Heart NFT is a parcel you love, which corresponds to a zip code that you care about. This could be, for example, the zip code of your favorite birthplace or vacation spot.


Versity Contest Rules

To enter the Versity Design Contest, you must:
- Follow the accounts of the Versity social networks and like this post
- Send 3 NFT PARSELL 3D design proposals (2 Premium & 1 Heart) via email to [email protected]
- Fill out the form available at the bottom of the page here


The Versity 

The winner will receive $1000 in SITY and €100. You have until October 23 to enter! 
To find the full details of the challenge, go here.