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ICO Versity : roadmap & marketing strategy for Round 2

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On Thursday, November 3, an AMA was hosted by Team Versity, with Matthieu Ladiray, Versity's CDO and Narjis Zekhnini, Project Manager, to talk about the still ongoing ICO Round 2. 


We tell you more about the roadmap of Versity and the marketing strategy being implemented. 


What is the status of Versity ICO Round 2, how many investors participated in the ICO Round, how does the affiliate link work to sponsor relatives? But also what is the roadmap or the marketing strategy of Versity?

So many questions that we answered in our last AMA, "Ask me anything" live, in order to enlighten the community about the project of Versity metavers and to be able to communicate about the first French metavers that connects the real world to the virtual. 


The opportunity also to recontextualize the project by talking about the 4 pillars on which it is based, namely: 

The Versity metaverse

The Versity metaverse which is a faithful representation of the real world and offers total immersion.


The actors of the Versity metaverse

The property owners, who can be real estate agents or individuals, the contributors to the project who can be for example 3D modelers, the providers who offer their services as for example architects, movers, insurers or banking organizations, and finally the visitors of the metaverse.


The Versity metavers tools

Among the Versity metavers tools are the SITY token, the PARSELL NFTs, or the marketplace and member space.


The Versity metaversity services

The Versity services include classified ads, digital advertising and data monetization.


To participate in Round 2 of the Versity ICO, it's this way!