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AMA Versity with Major, advisor and crypto investor

ama major interview



On Tuesday, December 6, 2022, Matthieu Ladiray was live to answer questions Major on the Versity real estate metaverse project.


Who are the advisors that you are working with, and how did they get on board with the Versity Project?

To begin with, Frédéric Ibanez and Nicolas Fratini, the co-founders of the Versity project have a large network so we quickly got in touch with people who are part of the web3 ecosystem, then we got to know personalities and we got advice to be supported by experts. For example, for tokenism and the Versity land economy, we work with Nomiks, and for everything related to mining and selling NFTs, we work with Blockchain XDEV and Smartchain. For 3D modeling, we rely on our in-house experts but we also call on video game experts because we want the most immersive rendering possible, expert devs for the back office, ad submission workflow, because what we see is the metaverse (the front end) but there is also the back end, everything that is behind it and that must be as solid as possible. We're also going to set up an advertising platform directly in Versity so there are several sub-projects in Versity for which we're getting support.


Can we find out more about apartment visits in the Versity metaverse?

Effectively, our target is to address the largest number. The technical challenge is to offer an immersive experience to everyone so that everyone can visit a neighborhood from their computer and even their smartphone. Obviously, the solution will also be deployed to be accessible with a virtual reality headset but it will not be an obligation to once again be intended for everyone and to return to the basic philosophy of Papa's Agencies.


So it will be possible to visit, buy and sell your property in the Versity metaverse?

Yes it is, but the real estate transaction will be done in the real with a real estate agency or a private individual. The technology will be there to break the friction points that can be encountered when buying or selling a property (delays, geographical location ...) especially in cities with tight flows where we barely have time to move.

Also today, there are already well-made 360° videos but no vision on the neighborhood and its environment. To allow the person who buys to also see the surroundings, a very important element when buying a property (local shops, building etc...).

Finally, there will be a hub to be able to ask all his questions and get in direct contact with the seller, but also all kinds of professionals who can accompany the real estate project as bankers, architects, insurers, etc... A way to centralize all the needs and save time to concretize his purchase.


Do you perform a scan of the buildings with LiDAR lasers or other?

First of all, you have to differentiate between the exteriors and interiors because there may be different methods to do so.

As far as interiors are concerned, we favor the best possible immersion but it's normal that at the beginning, as a private individual, not everyone can offer 3D modeling of their apartment, in which case people will be able to upload videos or 360° of their property that they want to put on sale. In terms of immersive visits, we can start from the plans, then photos until embarking on LiDAR technology or with an Iphone 12 for example and applications like Polycam, you can scan your apartment yourself and then operate it on Unreal or Unity, or call on the Versity teams who will be able to create the modeling of your property from there.

For exteriors on the other hand, we need a uniform rendering, we are in the process of finalizing the technique, especially for availability from the mobile browser. In short, we start from public data and remodel it, run it through an Unreal engine and make it available in a web browser.


What are the PARSELL NFTs that will be deployed by Versity going to be used for?

We are going to slice up France into about 35,000 PARSELLs that correspond to the actual French INSEE codes.

Anyone will then be able to buy a PARSELL and develop a real economy there as an owner (real estate ads, ads, call for service providers...) to generate income.

Incentive mechanisms will also be deployed and divided into 3 categories:

  • Visit-to-earn:  a visitor will be able to collect SITYs by visiting the neighborhood and taking actions in the "streets" of the metaverse.
  • the Scan-to-earn:people who will participate in the scan by sending LiDAR or other process data.
  •  the Build-to-earn: for 3d artists or devs who will develop assets for Versity.

What is the use of the SITY token?

The SITY token is a utility token that will be used to drive the Versity economy.

Given the scale of this real estate metaverse project, it seemed important and coherent to us to have our own token.


How many of you are on the Versity team and are you recruiting?

Internally, about 25/30, with an additional 20 or so people coming on board. Our business plan subsequently provides for a very large increase in staff to position us as key players in real estate and web3.

As far as recruitment is concerned, yes we are mainly looking for 3D and web developers full stack and back.  The most sought after skills revolve around dev, design and 3D, with seniority to internalize experts.

Externally, we have and continue to identify providers to accompany us in the development of the metavers. On the marketing and com side, we are mainly looking for an ux/ui designer, namely we are based in Nice.



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