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AMA Versity: answers to your questions about the Web3 real estate project

AMA versity metaverse live question



On Thursday, December 16, 2002, Matthieu Ladiray CMO Versity and Alexandre Berche, CMO Versity were back to answer all your questions in a new AMA. The summary by the Versity team to discover more about the project.


As a reminder, Versity is Europe's first immobilizing metaverse that connects the real world to the virtual. Here are the answers to questions from the Versity community: 

NFT and image storage. Cf FTX news, it reminds us that under no circumstances should images be stored on a centralized server. Are you going to store NFT images in the blockchain?

In fact we learn about it every day on FTX and company, but that's not why we should be alarmist and there are technical constraints.

We are indeed going to have to store some elements on a centralized server in relation to our NFTs for the simple good reasons that we made the choice to have NFTs that are going to be scalable. As a reminder, the PARSELLs correspond to France which is going to be cut into 34,900 roughly INSEE codes and therefore correspond to a territory, with an economic potential. 

In relation to real estate activity and what will be able to be created on these territories, it seemed essential to us that the NFT evolve as its economic potential evolves and we want to evolve these data on the graphic representation of the NFT.  To do this, we will therefore have to host it on something decentralized.

That being said, we are on a very long-term project and the technique is constantly evolving, so we will make sure to go for the best when the technique allows it. But in summary, our choices are rather guided by the use and therefore the end user and we believe that the important thing is really that the NFF is scalable.


Then will we be able to come and add features such as changing the decor and furniture of the property or make changes to the structure of the property by partner architects or freelancers available on the platform?

Of course! Versity will integrate contributors to its community, namely:

- 3D artists who will create 3D assets (NFTs Objects) for interiors (paintings, furniture, decor...) to equip  NFTs PARSELL or apartments;

- Builders who will create 3D assets (NFTs PARSELL) for exteriors (buildings, trees, benches, bus stops...) and who will be able to create experiences of any kind as well. 



Imagine I have one or more PARSELLs in my area and I want to grow them, can I become an active ambassador for Versity? By setting up a company in my spare time to advise future sellers on Versity and to accompany them in making their 3D supports, ads, etc... I won't be playing the role of a property seller or real estate agency, I'll just be there to help them make their ad. Is this something that will be encouraged or possible?

Yes to all these questions! This is the basis of the Versity project, which is a real estate distribution platform as we all know (Se loger, Le bon coin, Figaro immo ...) but with an 
additional service that is to make the immersive to be able to visit his property as if we were there and its environment.

You understood it as an owner of PARSELL, all the economy that will be realized on it namely the distribution of real estate ad or advertising will allow you to receive income. And we will be able to provide these owners (who do not need to be experts in real estate) with tools, which will allow them to help their community, their environment, their network to publish real estate ads but also to go and find new customers so that they can publish on their own PARSELL and therefore enhance it.
Another thing that we have imagined is to make available network facilitators (in the real estate world, these are people who are precisely there to train potential agents
immobiliers) here it would be the same principle on Versity to set up mechanisms with the key to incentives each time provided in our land economy.


When will the NFT marketplace see the light of day?

The Versity NFT marketplace will be here in January 2023.


With regard to the security of the tokens, have you contacted Ledger, which in addition is a French company?

We have indeed contacted Ledger and even if we are not yet in a relationship, obviously we prefer to work as much as possible with beautiful French companies and that all this economy of the French web-work is in a virtuous circle so in the future, we hope so, now to see with them the possibilities.


Some properties are "chasse gardée" by the agencies. They don't say where they are actually located and avoid putting pictures to locate them. How to respond to this dilemma? 

The real estate agencies that do not disseminate the exact address of the property are often agencies that are on properties with a significant value, for example a villa on the Cap d'Antibes 
which is worth several million euros, where there are potentially works of art inside, beautiful cars etc... Indeed, it is quite rare that we give an exact address on an ad on a SeLoger or a bon coin. On the other hand, in Versity there will be prestigious ads and they will have the possibility, thanks to the modeling, to decide what is shown or not. It can be the decision to show just the garden but not necessarily the street, to show the living room but not necessarily the works of art, etc...

Concerning the precise geolocation, one can arrive in a street but without having gone all the way and show  the very close environment of the Villa without showing the street in which it is positioned therefore. This is how we will succeed in solving this dilemma and that we will be able to seduce real estate agencies, even prestigious ones, because we will be able to tell them that there is the possibility of displaying or not certain elements in order to find or not the property in the real world. Beyond the willingness of an agency or not to disclose such property, it does not represent the majority of the market and we have a willingness to be "mass market".

Also, by default all properties on Versity will be open, but we may have the possibility to make the access closed so that the visitor must make a request beforehand, we can also imagine to set up a KYC for the prestigious properties to have visibility on the identity of people who enter.

What is a launchpad and what is the interest in ICO? Which launchpads are on Versity's shortlist?

As a reminder, ICO from the English Initial Coin Offering is a fundraising operation launched by a company in need of funding, which issues tokens, also known as tokens. 

Launchpads are essentially platforms that help launch crypto projects. They serve as incubators for tech startups like ours. It's a way to encourage investors to join innovative projects early on.

The launchpads on the shortlist are Binance, Pancakeswap, MATIC, NFT Factory.


Are you in a position to get PSAN accreditation? 

We could but we haven't put it together and we won't. Our CEO Claude Li considers that we have no vocation to hold digital token assets or NFTs of our own clients so no interest in that.  

In addition, to be totally transparent the file to be PSAN is extremely complex, it's close to an IPO documentation so it's extremely long and if we had to initiate this kind of process we wouldn't have it for at least 1 or even 2 years and we prefer to focus on other subjects currently which we think are more important for the development of the project. If in the long run it is necessary to do it for regulatory issues we will do it, but it is not on the agenda at the moment.

Note also that it is important to remember that Versity emanates from an existing company Les Agences de Papa, which is listed on the stock market. 


Do Versity's NFTs correspond to the most populated zip codes in France?

The NFTs correspond to the French Insee Codes and not to the zip codes, there are about 34,900. Initially, we will develop the NFTs that have the most economic potential and therefore necessarily those where there are people. 


When will the token be listed?

We can't get ahead of ourselves on a specific date but normally it should be in the first quarter of 2023.


 Is there going to be some sort of timeline to indicate the sale of NFC? For example to know when the NFT that corresponds to where I live will be on sale?

In total transparency at first no, but then you will have the collection as and when with dates on the calendar of mints of NFTs.


During the Mint, will we see the ranking of the NFT?

Yes, it will be on the map. The NFTs will be divided into 5 categories (2 for Premium and 3 for Explorer) and before you buy them you will know exactly which category it belongs to, with also the data in the first instance real economic potential, which will then evolve according to the attractiveness of the PARSELL.


Any idea of the price of Premium NFTs in immediate purchase price?

No but we have an idea of the reserve price which is in the whitepaper and on the Premium category, the lowest reserve price is in the 800 €.

The immediate purchase price today is going to be based on the economic attractiveness of the NFT, in this case so for the moment as we don't yet know the traffic we're going to get on the
platform, we don't know it's really going to depend on the ranking.


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