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Versity metavers : AMA special NFTs, listing & roadmap

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On October 18, an AMA was held with Alexandre Berche, CMO and Matthieu Ladiray, CDO Versity to answer questions from the community about ICO Round 2 and talk NFTs, Listing and Roadmap.



Versity as a reminder is the new era of real estate. We imagined thanks to the web3 go much further than what the real estate market offers today.

Les Agences de Papa are the carriers of this project, it is a digital real estate agency that aims to allow access to property by significantly reducing agency fees. Generally between 3 and 7%, the 100% digital agency offers as for it agency fees at 2% or 2,000€ fixed fees.
The idea of the metavers Versity was thus born from the need and the feedback of Les Agences de Papa customers.

Objective #1 of the Versity metavers: 

Versity is therefore an immersive place in which you will be able to notably visit online, in an immersive way via your smartphone, computer or oculus, real real estate for sale as if you were really there.
In addition to visiting the property itself, you will also be able to visit its entire environment: the building and its common areas, the neighborhood, the nearby shops, the possible nuisances around, to really make you aware of what you are going to buy.

Objective #2 of the Versity metaverse: 

To offer in addition to these visits to access additional services such as access to real estate loans, insurance, architect, etc...
A way to help you project yourself more easily in the property you want to buy thanks to more direct exchanges with these various experts.
And thus accelerate the buying process, a time saver for the buyer as well as the seller.

Objective #3 of the Versity metaverse: 

To be able to propose to the community to participate in this project and through incentives to be remunerated for their work with, for example, 3D modelers who will be able to add their assets on the metaverse or even owners of NFTs PARSELL (an NFT PARSELL corresponds to a real zip code.

They will then be able to offer the various services offered by providers (architects, real estate agents, insurers, etc...) via a marketplace.

Versity: the roadmap of the metavers 

We launched an ICO last June to fund part of this Versity metavers project. 
Aside from the ICO, so-called more traditional fundraising with institutional investors will complete the financing of the project.
We are also in the process of densifying our internal team of developers and 3D designers in a consistent manner in order to be able to make good progress on the project.

On Tuesday, October 18, 2022 at noon will be launched the Round 2 of this ICO. 
To participate in this ICO, we advise you to validate your KYC already, in order to be able to join the ICO faster on Tuesday.
Knowing that 1 NFT will be offered to the first 1,000 investors* hence the need to be one of the first ones when Round 2 will be opened on Tuesday, October 18 at noon.

As a reminder, you will also be able to take advantage of 66.67% discount on the listing price.
- SITY token purchase price: $0.0050
- Min buy $500 & Max buy $300,000
To join the Versity ICO, it's this way.

The Versity metavers NFTs

We currently have a contest to design the first 3 Versity NFTs. The winner of the contest will win a $1000 SITY prize pack and $100.
Participants can email their sketches to [email protected] and the Versity team will then make a pre-selection before casting a vote for the winner on our social networks. 
To find out all the details of the contest, it's this way. 

Versity's NFTs will be available for pre-booking at the end of the year, and will start selling in early 2023 once the ICO is completed and the SITY listed. The Rounds have been shifted and so the roadmap has been updated.

In parallel, we are developing our NFTs generator as there will be about 35,000 of them to design, which are equivalent to zip codes in France. We will share the first images with you by the end of the month, early November. 
We are also finalizing the choice of a partner for the Premium NFTs, there will be about 100 deployed on the most interesting PARSELL. 

And to check out a previous AMA on the 4 pillars of the Versity metaverse, go here! 

*There will be no Premium NFTs among these 1000 NFTs distributed to the first 1000 investors.