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These brands that are going on metaverse

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More and more brands are getting into the metaverse. To find out more about what companies are offering and how they're appropriating the Web3, the team Versity tells you about 5 brands that have embraced virtual reality!"


1. Fiat Launches Metaverse Car Showroom

This is a first in the automotive industry. Fiat has launched a car showroom in Italy, the "Fiat Metaverse Store" that allows you to discover and configure the new 500 La Prima by Bocelli in the metaverse, accompanied by an advisor, a very real one him. This is a way of taking the digitalization of the customer journey even further and offering a truly immersive experience. The platform was developed in partnership with Touchcast and Microsoft.


2. Lacoste offers a brand new collection of NFTs

Lacoste continues on its conquest of the metaverse. After launching last June a collection of NFTs called the "Genesis Pass" that had sold out in a few hours, the crocodile brand is launching   "The Emerge". The concept? A collection of unique avatars dressed in its famous short-sleeved polo shirt. These profile photos allow their owners to enjoy unique benefits: meetings with the brand's athlete ambassadors, privileged access to private sales and limited edition products... And even, for 100 of them, to receive a Lacoste UNDW3 polo shirt. Another highlight: the avatars were co-created with Lacoste's Discord community, which totals 60,000 members.


3. H&M creates collection committed to metavers

Another clothing brand to get into the metaverse is H&M. The retailer has announced the launch of a collection titled "Design Metavers." Composed of ready-to-wear pieces and digital clothing, designed in collaboration with the Institute of Digital Fashion. Innovative creations that are inspired by satellite images of the Earth, cells but also nature, while ensuring circularity of manufacturing elements. 


4. With L'Oréal, the metaverse gets a makeover

Beauty is also going metaverse! The proof is in the pudding with the 2 brands of the Group, L'Oréal Professionnel and Maybeline New York, who are partnering with the avarice creation platform "Ready Player Me". The goal is to offer players around the world beauty looks for their avatars, with different hair and makeup options. A way to place beauty as a player of choice in the Web3 world. And L'Oreal is not new to this as the brand had already created a collection of NFTs in 2021 and has just registered several of its brands in the category of non-fungible tokens, NFTs and metavers, among them Kiehl's, Urban Decay, It Cosmetics or Essie.


As you will have understood, the metaverse is emerging as a key element of the future, at all levels. In the real estate industry, it is Versity that is positioning itself as a key player in the Web3 world with its metaverse that connects the real world to the virtual world. 

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