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AMA Versity live from CES Las Vegas

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From January 5 to 8, the Versity team was at CES in Las Vegas to present the 1st French metaverse project linking the real and virtual worlds. But we didn't forget the AMAs! An opportunity to answer questions from the community live from the show floor.




What's Versity doing at CES in Las Vegas?

Versity has been invited to the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas to the web3 tokenization village. It was an opportunity to present our French metaverse project, which links the real world to the virtual world, with a live demo video in which you can walk around, see the properties already modeled with a detailed product sheet and the possible interactions (interactive shop window, billboard with sponsor, possibility of changing wall colors, dialogue with banker, insurer...).

We're very proud of this playable demo video, which was shown to Jean-Noël Barrot, French Minister for Digital Transition and Telecommunications.

When's the Land Economy on November 18 of what year?

Once again, we apologize for getting ahead of ourselves on the date, but it's important to remember that the Land Economy has been around for quite some time now. What's missing today is the calibration of income and earnings redistribution percentages.

And so, once again, the reason it's taking longer to come out is so that we can carry out stress tests and share with you something precise, which is both beneficial to the land owner and sustainable over time for the proper functioning of the Versity metaverse.


Launchpad or no launchpad? If so, which and when?

Launchpads are still under discussion. Obviously, the Christmas period didn't really help. Discussions are currently resuming, and to be honest we don't have any names of launchpads that are 100% ready to go with us, but we do have some very good leads, notably for the Launchpad of the first NFTs.

Once again, our teams are really involved and it takes time because we're trying to get big partnerships. We could have signed smaller partnerships earlier, but that's not our aim, so as to give the project as much credibility as possible and make it coherent and sustainable.

Also, current events and the bear market are not working in our favor, and everything is done with a view to favoring the community and investors.



When will Antibes visit the masks?

Nicolas Fratini has mentioned this point, but it hasn't happened yet. We're currently working on what we call the "game board", which means that we'll be releasing either Polygon or procedural versions of France at scale 1, which would include Antibes, but we need to think even bigger and release the whole game board. And even if that would slow down its release, we're also looking into the possibility of having services, environments, etc. all around it. So, yes, Antibes doesn't exist and we're not going to give you a release date, but we're working on R&D for this game board.

Once again, even if we have a good team working hard on the project, we're not 150 either, and we sometimes have priorities like CES, for example, that require us to pull out of certain tasks to concentrate on others.


It's important to understand that, for the moment, we're being sold a dream and a concept. There's no activity on this Telegram, Twitter, LinkedIn (well, very little). The ICO hasn't moved in 1 month. Why does it take over a year to release a Land Economy (which for me is the first thing that should have been worked on a year ago before launching the ICO)?

As I said earlier, the Land Economy was conceived a long time ago, and we're only now fine-tuning certain details to make it as accurate as possible and beneficial to all. As far as social networks are concerned, our personal involvement on Telegram is indeed less extensive. We do read and take into account comments, but we can't answer all of them, and we have moderators for that who know the details well and know how to answer questions.

For our part, we're concentrating on developing the Versity project. For the other networks, we have a social media manager with at least 1 post per day on each network, answering questions and interacting with accounts.



During one of Nicolas Fratini's last speeches, he really insisted that the ICO would end on December 31, and that the token would be listed right afterwards at the tokenization price. Finally pushed back a month! Why continue since the softcap has been reached! I invested because the concept appeals to me both on the real estate and immersive side (I'm not here to make x10 like many) but I'm sorry for the moment there's nothing concrete (no usable beta as promised). I'm now looking at some companies that I think are ahead of your virtual tour concept. The only thing that would make us stop grumbling is something concrete, a beta...

As for December 31, as we explained in the previous AMA, we're facing a bear market that's continuing and a complicated economic context for everyone. We have therefore realized that it would be better to extend the timeframe, and we are adapting the project to ensure that it progresses as coherently as possible.

We'll also be issuing a press release to explain why the ICO has been postponed to January 31, namely that we have some historical investors who were unable to come in for technical reasons, and have asked us to extend the deadline so that they can come in for fiscal year 2023.

With regard to the soft cap, yes, it has been reached, but as you know, the project is very ambitious and we need to raise funds to bring it to fruition.

With Versity, we're not just talking about virtual tours, our promise is much more ambitious and complete, with 3 axes: virtual tours, yes, but also detailed exteriors (sound ambience, sunshine, neighborhoods...) and a hub for real estate professionals that will break down the friction points we may encounter today.


According to the Whitepaper, Americans can't participate in the ICO, so why go to the United States?

Yes, for regulatory reasons, Americans can't take part in the ICO. On the other hand, many nationalities are present at CES, and there was a large proportion of French participants. There are still partnerships to be forged, and even if we haven't signed any yet, we have several discussions underway.


Will the SITY price be maintained?

We hope so, and we're working on it. The idea is to fill in the rounds to keep the SITY price.



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