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BSMART: Versity's co-founders answer Michel Denisot's questions

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On November 30, Michel Denisot hosted Nicolas Fratini and Frédéric Ibanez, the co-founders of Versity, on the BSMART program Le Grand Entretien. The purpose of the show was to discuss the genesis of Agences de Papa, the company behind the French metaverse Versity. Here's a look back at that moment, and find out more about Versity and its origins.



Before co-founding the Versity metavers, Nicolas Fratini and Frédéric Ibanez were behind the startup Les Agences de Papa . An independent digital real estate network created in 2019 that aims to facilitate transactions and make property accessible to as many people as possible, thanks to the cheapest agency fees on the market.

Since their creation, Les Agence de Papa have sought to revolutionize the property market by digitizing the entire process for both buyers and sellers, while providing expert advice to each customer for an optimal experience.

Today, with the creation of Versity, the team is taking its goal of making property accessible to all via the metaverse a step further.

It's a way for everyone to save time visiting properties in the metaverse, as well as their neighborhoods, surroundings, common areas, etc...

The Versity French real estate metaverse will be accessible to all from a smartphone, tablet or computer, without the need for an Oculus, to further democratize property and real estate.

"Versity is the new era of real estate! You've already heard of Se Loger, Le Bon Coin or BienIci? Versity will also offer real estate listings, but with the notable difference that the solution will enable total immersion in a virtual world that mirrors the real world. The aim is to enable future buyers to immerse themselves remotely in the property they wish to purchase, so that their physical visit is no more than the signing of the preliminary sales agreement. The future buyer will then be able to virtually visit his future home as well as its direct environment (building, neighborhood, street etc...) thanks to the metaverse and blockchain technology. Exchanges with all real estate professionals can take place "On Chain", thanks to avatars that enable live exchanges. Questions can be put directly to the real estate agent, as well as to his or her banker, insurer, architect and so on. Everything becomes possible, considerably shortening the buyer's decision-making process. "


To find out more about the Versity project, click here!