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The story of ETH by Versity



You're bound to have heard of ETH or Ethereum, but do you really know what these terms mean and where they come from? The Versity team explains!


The origins of ETH 

Ethereum is the technology used by the community that runs the ether cryptocurrency as well as thousands of decentralized applications.

The story goes back to 2011, when programmer Vitalik Buterin discovered cryptocurrency with Bitcoin.

He then decided to create a platform blockchain programmable with the aim of launching decentralized applications.

In 2015, Ethereum was born.


The Merge, a well-attended ETH event

Today, Ethereum is at a historic turning point.

With The Merge, it is moving from what is known as "Proof of work" to "Proof of stake." A major change in the basis of the blockchain that aims to reduce the volume of ETH in circulation, and thus increase the price of the corner thanks to the law of supply and demand.

A technical operation that will also allow it to get closer to carbon neutrality, at a time when it is becoming increasingly necessary.

However, it is also the subject of many forks. The latest and best known is the ETH PoW.


Versity, the future of metavers

Ethereum has revolutionized the blockchain. On the metavers side, it's Versity that is revolutionizing the metavers since it is the first real estate player to connect real and virtual. 

With Versity, you'll be able to buy real estate and visit it, attend festivals, participate in sporting events, invest, renovate... 

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