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What is web5?

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Since the beginning of the Versity metaverser project, we've been talking about web3, a term you can find out more about right here. But today, another term is making the news: web5. The Versity team tells you all about it!

Definition and origins of web5?

The term web5 was first mentioned by Jack Dorsey, founder of Bitcoin subsidiary Block and co-founder and former CEO of Twitter.

There is no official definition of web5. However, we can say that it is considered the logical continuation of web3, an evolution of the Internet that integrates advanced artificial intelligence, augmented reality and virtual reality technologies.

It is therefore a term used to describe the next generation of the World Wide Web, which is still in its early stages of development.

What does web5 actually mean?

Just as the definition of web5 is open-ended, so too are the interpretations of its application.

Web 5.0 is often envisaged as being entirely centered on artificial intelligence, with technologies such as speech recognition and natural language understanding seamlessly integrated. All with a view to offering users a more intuitive, fluid and interconnected experience.

To this can be added the notion of a more decentralized web, with users having greater control over their data. Some believe that web5 is simply the sum of web2 and web3.


What does the future hold for web5?


Whatever the case, Web 5 can be seen as a necessary evolution of today's Web, in response to its current limitations and challenges.

One thing is certain: the evolution of Web 5 will depend on many factors, such as technological advances, market trends and user choices.


By positioning itself as the 1st European metaverse to link the real and virtual worlds, Versity intends to be one of the players who will drive the evolution of web3, putting tech innovations at everyone's service!