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Versity: tutorial to check your KYC - Part 1

Versity metavers tutorial KYC


Would you like to invest in the Versity project created by Les Agences de Papa and buy SITY tokens? To start you need to go through the KYC step that is "Know your customer"! Objective? Verify your identity so you can make fiat payments to invest in the Versity metaverse.




Versity KYC tutorial step 1.png

Go to the link: and Click on the KYC button.

STEP 2: 

Versity KYC tutorial step 2.png

Select one of the options: individual or corporate. Fill out the form MINI KYC and save.


STEP 3: 

Versity KYC tutorial step 3.png


Continue to our partner's platform to begin verification of your profile. Note that it is necessary that the device you are using to verify your profile has a camera. If not, you can get a secure link to continue on your cell phone. 

STEP 4: 

Versity KYC tutorial step 4 .png

Prepare your ID and follow the rest of the instructions, it's very simple!


STEP 5: 

Versity KYC tutorial step 5 .png

A few minutes later, a confirmation of the end of the identification process will be sent to you by email.

Congratulations, you have validated your KYC "Know your customer". You are now ready to buy SITY tokens to invest in the Versity metaverse, you can continue in the part 2.