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AMA last live on Versity metaverse

ama versity metavers live retour ces

A few days after their return from CES in Las Vegas, it was time to catch up with the Versity team live to answer all your questions: the progress of the Versity project, a recap of CES and the distribution of NFTs. We tell you all about it, with a bonus preview of the Versity demo.



To begin with, we invite you to discover the Versity demo video presented at CES, in which you can see a replica of Nice's Avenue Jean Médecin, with buildings and stores as they exist in real life. The idea is to show how you can walk down the street, visit an apartment and interact with a banker or insurer, so as to be accompanied in your real estate project.

It's a phenomenal time-saver: no need to take the car, the stairs or go anywhere - everything is just a few clicks away, wherever you are.

Sound ambiance is also available (world, traffic, public transport...) to offer visitors total immersion.


How can architects be involved in the Versity metaverse?

For architects, it's a matter of putting them in touch with each other. So once we've registered potentially available architects in the metaverse, it will be possible to call on them directly in the metaverse by contacting their avatars. It will then be up to them to make a value and service proposition. The discussion and commercial relationship will then be established between the two parties, with Versity playing no part.


Will chats be private in the metaverse?

Yes, of course, chats between two interlocutors in the Versity metaverse will be private, and others won't be able to see what's going on. Initially, these will be private written chats, as seen in the demo video, and then we hope to be able to offer live chats between avatars with sound.


Will a connection be required to make purchases?

We haven't gone all the way yet, so it will depend on our partners and the maturity of the technology. Initially, we can imagine a simple redirection to partner sites to start generating sales, and as time goes on, the aim will obviously be to develop the platform as much as possible, so as to stay on top of it and remain part of the ecosystem.


Will Versity concentrate on real estate first, before developing the rest (making an appointment with a dentist, going to a museum, etc.)?

Initially, the aim is to concentrate on real estate. In fact, the project is based on Dad's agencies, so that's the first priority before developing other businesses. After that, we're also looking to the future of Versity to show what's possible. As you know, the project is based on the sale of NFT, which is there to bring in additional revenue on a daily basis, and to speculate on it so that it increases in value. And for them to increase in value, there needs to be a transaction and some business going on. That's also why we're trying to think of additional business lines to enable NFT holders to profit from them. It's still advertising in a real estate environment, which remains the basis of the project.

As a reminder, for PARSELL NFT holders, the income generated by the advertising will enable them to obtain fees on the sale price of the advertising panels. But that's not all. The land owner will benefit from all the income generated by a PARSELL, from placing an advert for an apartment, putting you in touch with a professional, selling doorsteps, neo-display, retail... (Details to be found very soon in Versity's Land Economy).


Will SITY owners be able to have an impact on future purchases, such as discounts or deals via NFT owners and services on their PARSELL?

Yes, as a SITY holder, there are discounts on all transactions. In other words, someone who comes to pay in FIAT or another crypto currency will actually pay more than if they were paying in SITY, primarily on the sale of NFTs on the primary market that Versity will bring online.


Where do we stand with round 3, and when will it be over?

We're at 16% of fill. Following CES in Las Vegas, we had some very interested investors and we're in the final stages of discussions with them. So we're hoping that things will get moving very soon, so that we can get to fill.

We're leaving ourselves some time to extend it (extended to January 31, but possibly longer) for reasons we've already mentioned (economic crisis, bear market, etc.). There won't be a 5th round, but there will certainly be a 4th round on Launchpad. We're still in discussions with various potential partners on this point, and will of course keep you informed as soon as possible.


What's the status of the NFT generator, and will we be able to see what it's like?

In terms of pure code, the NFT generator is up and running, and we're in the final cosmetic stages. You'll be able to see what it looks like as soon as we're happy with it, hopefully very soon.


Any new partnerships, new investors, new ideas after CES?

Yes, we're starting to see the beginnings of partnerships, not necessarily in the service sector, but potentially in the international scalability of the French model, with partners keen to help us establish ourselves in other countries. We also have major technical partnerships, particularly in scanning, so that we can mass-scan exteriors with the tools we've presented, and maybe even co-brand beyond the partnership.


Other news to come?

4 major upcoming events for Versity, of which we're very proud:

  • The Proptech 2023 pitch competition, for which we have been selected.
  • The Real Estate Day trade show in Paris
  • A meeting with Jean-Noël Barrot, the French Minister for Digital Transition, whom we met at CES, to pitch the project and possibly receive support from government institutions.
  • Binance presentation for exchange on Launchpad


We'll keep you posted on the project's progress.

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