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AMA Versity with l'Informateur Crypto

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On January 23, l'Informateur Crypto was live with Versity's CTO to present the metaverse project to his community. Discover the replay and summary of this interview.


Introduction to the team? What's your real estate/crypto experience?

Basically, we're Les Agences de Papa, a 100% digital real estate startup created in 2019 and listed on the stock exchange. We started with a disruptive model to make property accessible to everyone. Real estate is our core business and our first activity, and we also have a particular appetite for digital.

We then identified a number of sticking points in the sale of an apartment or house (just-in-time flows, wasted time, lack of information, etc.), and this is what led us to come up with Versity.

To provide the technology (3D and web3) to address these issues. We then beefed up our in-house team accordingly, including developers and IT staff, to bring this project to fruition.

We're also working with a number of experts, including Nomiks for all aspects of NFT mining and sales, as well as Blockchain XDEV and Smartchain. You can find our entire team on our website.


What is your concept and how long have you been working on it? Is it accessible to the general public?

Versity is the Web 3.0 tool for the real estate world. We've been working on it for 1 year.

It's a metaverse focused on the real estate ecosystem, linking the real and virtual worlds. It allows anyone to buy, sell or rent physical or virtual property, but also to manage, offer services, create and model, and be rewarded through an exchange token called the SITY.

Our ambition is clear: to create a virtual real estate environment, connected to the real world. And to imagine how we will consume real estate and housing services in the years to come, in a collaborative and decentralized way. Our aim is to revolutionize the sector by offering unprecedented tools and services to individuals, professionals and investors alike.

It's totally accessible to the general public, and it's our aim to democratize metavers for as many people as possible.


Is the long-term aim to replace physical agencies or to complement them?

No, it's totally complementary. Versity is a new-generation online ad placement site, so all real estate agencies will be able to place their ads on Versity just as they do on Se Loger, for example.


Have you already raised 6 million euros? A reminder about fund-raising.

On the ICO, with the presales phase and the first 2 rounds, we've raised just over 6 million. Ideally, we still have 2 rounds in a row to raise about the same amount to close the ICO at around 12/15 million. Bear in mind that we also have historical investors backing the project.


What is the token used for?

First of all, it's used to make an ICO and launch the project. The SITY will then be used to reward the community involved in the project, thanks to incentive systems that will be detailed in our Land Economy (visit to earn, scan to earn, build to earn).


How much does it cost to invest in Versity?

Round 3 price: 0.006 and entry ticket: $200

We've deliberately lowered the price, given the context and to get as many people on board as possible with a low, accessible price.

There is a lock and vesting as an anti-dump measure, detailed in our whitepaper.



Tell us about the roadmap.

Here's the Versity metavers detailed roadmap.


Versity metavers futur immobilier web3


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