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The automotive sector conquers the metaverse and NFTs

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We already told you about it in a previous article, more and more brands are getting involved in web3, specifically metavers and NFTs. And the automotive sector is not left behind. The proof with 3 reference brands.


1. Fiat launches automotive showroom in the metaverse

This is a first in the automotive sector. Fiat has launched a car showroom in Italy, the "Fiat Metaverse Store" that allows you to discover and configure the new 500 La Prima by Bocelli in the metaverse, accompanied by an advisor, a very real one him. This is a way of taking the digitalization of the customer journey even further and offering a truly immersive experience. The platform was developed in partnership with Touchcast and Microsoft.


2. Renault launches a collection of NFTs

Renault is launching a series of NFTs called genR5, "gen" for genesis, generation and generative art, R5 to pay tribute to the famous model created in 1972. More than a simple drop, the brand presents this launch as "a link between the past, the present and the future". The promise of new web3 perspectives and the opportunity to join the active R3NLT community to live unprecedented experiences behind the scenes.


3. Porsche also gets into NFTs

Like Renault, Porsche is also entering the world of web 3 with the launch of NFTs based on one of its flagship models, the Porsche 911. The German carmaker announced at the Art Basel in Miami the upcoming sale of 7,500 NFTs, created in collaboration with designer and 3D artist Patrick Vogel. The program includes a unique customization of the NFTs that allows no less than 150,000 variations. NFTs owners will be able to define the design of their virtual car by starting with a choice of three options: heritage, performance and lifestyle. They will also have the opportunity to attend exclusive events, both physical and digital.



And auto brands aren't the only ones getting into the web3, we tell you more here!