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AMA: Versity project update

Versity metavers futur immobilier web3

We're back with the AMA recap for February 6, with Matthieu Ladiray, CDO, and Alexandre Berche, CMO, answering questions from the community. We're off!



An overview of the Versity project

Versity is a metaverse that aims to reflect reality in an ecosystem linked to real estate and real estate transactions. Our aim with Versity is to offer a new, immersive way of visiting properties, even before you get there. This metaverse is currently in production, with a first version scheduled for 2023, and we'll already have a number of streets, cities and, above all, apartments modelled on Versity, so Versity should be seen as the SeLoger web3.


Release date for the Land Economy (concrete, no-nonsense answer)

We're still working on the Land Economy. We're in the last phase, the stress tests that will enable us to determine the percentage of reversion on each of the transactions that will be carried out on the Lands. These stress tests are taking a little longer than we had anticipated, because they are quite technical. To be totally transparent with you, we've gone into some rather scientific calculations, which have been carried out by engineers, to quote them once again. Nomiks is the company in charge of this for us. You can check out their website, it's serious. We rely on them to deliver this Land with the percentage calibration part, which is extremely important for land owners. Delivering you something without this part would obviously leave you wanting more, so that's why we haven't delivered it yet. It's just that we want to make sure we give you something you can understand. And as it's done by engineers, frankly the document we were given very recently is sometimes difficult to understand, so we just want to make it easy for you to understand what we've been told. There are a lot of graphs and links with what's being done on The Sandbox, for example. Well, all that needs to be simplified a little and adapted to what we're going to be able to do on our PARSELLs. So that's it, it's taking a little longer than expected, but we're getting there, believe me, and we hope to be able to give you some good news in the next few days.


In the roadmap, will Q1 be respected or not: concrete answer: yes - no, and if not, what's the deadline?

roadmap versity. metavers.png


End of Round3: a precise date (we'll stop the a maybe one day, we'll think about it....). Basically, listing deadline (we don't care about the bear market), softcap has been reached, so there's no risk even if it plunges.

We don't have a precise date, these are internal discussions. Honestly, this end of Round 3 is subject to certain private investors who have asked us to wait before investing. Since they're important to us and to the project, we're not going to deprive ourselves, even if the soft cap has been reached, because our project is very ambitious and it's for the good of its development, to go faster and further with more funds.

As we said at the start, we're the SeLoger web3, but we could also be a metaverse that enables hoteliers, for example, to find their complex in Versity and distribute it to their next customers. These are major challenges for the project, because they could be real investors, and there's also the luxury residential market, which is also a real target that's starting to emerge. And the third major target for us is real estate developers with off-plan sales. For them, there's a real opportunity to broadcast their real estate development projects using a tool like Versity.

Internationalization has also arrived much faster than expected, thanks to Las Vegas, with real opportunities.


My brother lives in the US, so basically, according to the Whitepaper, I can't send SITY to the US? Is that correct?

That's right, American investors can't participate in the ICO for regulatory reasons. It's the investor's place of residence that matters. Claude talked about this during our AMA live from Las Vegas, which you can find here.


Which wallet should I use on Polygon, apart from Trust wallet and MetaMask?

It depends on what you want to do in the Versity ecosystem. Is it to invest and buy SITYs, is it a wallet to buy NFTs, is it to wander around the metaverse, and depending on what you want to do, it can be quite different. Typically, what we're doing for the purchase of NFTs, and again because we're aiming for the greatest number, is a fairly simple connection via web3 auth and the idea is that the wallet is automatically created, you buy an NFT and as long as you stay in the Versity ecosystem, you don't need another wallet. If tomorrow I'm going to interact in Versity as a visitor, it's the same, no need for a wallet.

As part of SITY's investment, we'll get back to you in Telegram or at another AMA, and we'll see about listing all the Wallets that are compatible, but we don't have any more details at the moment.


Binance is there to make money (it doesn't care about projects), CZ has 2 conditions: a very big check and a very big commu (to make volume), for example all shiba-type shitcoins, which are instantly listed on binance.

This seems more of a statement than a question. I don't necessarily agree with this statement, because since we started talking to them, it's frankly not at all the impression they've given me. We've had long discussions, meeting for almost two hours when we were in Paris, and they're extremely receptive to the project, not at all interested in doing volume. What really interested them in our project was the bridge we managed to build between web2 and web3, because they don't have projects like that. On the other hand, they're interested in some kind of bilateral partnership, so that we can leverage their marketing and communication clout, because today, Binance is the best-known of all the blockchain companies, and Listing and Launchpad are the best-known among the general public, which I think is less the case for Polygon. So there's a common interest for us and for Binance.


List of investors?

As I said earlier, our list of investors is confidential, as is often the case for projects such as ours.


I don't really know the project apart from a few videos on the networks, but I'm curious to know what software you use to create 3D environments and spaces, Blender? 3dsmax? Others and unreal?

Matthieu Ladiray tells you more about Versity's modeling techniques in video right here.



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