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AMA Versity: 02/03 live recap

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We recap the AMA Versity on March 2. Answers to all your real estate metaverse questions!



How will Versity's MLS function work?

As a reminder, MLS is what a real estate advertiser like Se Loger does - what we call classified ads in real estate jargon.

In the world of real estate agencies, there are several types of mandate: as a real estate agent, you can be mandated by a property owner to sell his or her property under either an exclusive, simple or semi-exclusive mandate.

For Versity, several questions arise:

  • Who will advertise the property if several agencies are involved?
  • What happens if a private individual also decides to publish his or her property on Versity?

In phase 1, Versity will be designed for professionals only, and not for both professionals and private individuals.

The way Versity has been conceived, it will be the highest bidder, on an auction basis:

First, the agency willing to pay the most to be in Versity will broadcast in the metaverse.

Then, we'll define qualitative criteria to help us make our choice (the agency that sells the cheapest property, the agency that's connected online and reactive, etc.).

As I'd like to deal with the most serious agency and therefore the one with the best rating, we could imagine qualitative criteria, and then we wouldn't have to pay fixed fees over a given period to promote the property, but rather a fee for putting people in touch with each other.

That's how it's been thought up today, but because it's a very complex subject, we can't rule out the possibility of it evolving, and if you have any ideas, we'd be delighted to hear them.



If I walk around with my avatar, I could freely visit properties for direct sale by private individuals, but if I want to visit a property sold by an agency, then I'll need a key to get in. If so, who will issue the key or the code, for one-time use or for a limited period of time?


First of all, there are two things:

  • we're talking about Avatar, and what you need to know is that the avatar won't be compulsory to walk around in Versity. As you've already understood for those of you who've been following us for a while, this is really a project aimed at the general public. We've also given a lot of thought to the Avatar story when you visit an apartment, and we'll perhaps be using a visio format, i.e. we'll be able to integrate an interaction as we're doing here.
    like we do here, but not webcam or even if it's a graphic representation of the person, rather than visiting an apartment with an avatar that follows you around the apartment
  • For the time being, the common use cases are that all the properties are accessible on a self-service basis, you can visit them, there's no history of visit vouchers, etc., because we're in the virtual universe, and so the idea, once again, is to break down all barriers so that a transaction is as fluid and rapid as possible.
    house without even interacting with anyone or signing anything. On the other hand, we offer the seller the possibility of checking the profile before the person enters the property (from simple opt-in to KYC), because we have sellers who may not necessarily want everyone to be able to enter the property for various reasons (e.g. luxury properties).



Following the example of the real world, will an agency with an exclusive mandate that places a property on Versity be able to use it to back up its advertising?
If so, in what form (link to the advertiser below the Versity V or windows of the property in the selling agency's colors). If yes, is this option included in the Land Economy so that the agency pays an advertising display fee?

Yes, yes and yes, so yes, instead of the V of vers City, you can have the agency's logo on the windows, and yes, this will be an additional fee that will be considered more in the advertising side of the Land Economy. This is exactly what happens on Se Loger, where the real estate agent can just pay to display an ad, but he can also pay to have an interstitial banner ad, or he can also pay to highlight his ad in relation to the other ads. So it's more or less the same use case, with the difference that in this case you'll be a player in the Versity universe, in the virtual universe, and so you'll see the different ads displayed as you go along.

Here, the question is really focused on the easy-to-use billboard on the property itself, so yes, it's a billboard in the agency's colors, and it comes under the heading of advertizing, i.e. you're walking down the street, you've got a billboard, you could imagine Agence immo Alex already taking a thousand properties sold in Versity, your property sold in 24 hours, you click on it and you're put in touch with the agency, or put in touch directly and why not be teleported into the physical agency directly where you could get in touch with the real estate agent who's showing you properties etc. just like in an estate agency.


How long does it take to receive confirmation that I have an NFT? I invested €500 on April 18?

500 euros = 1 NFT I can confirm that you're in.

Hi, I heard a news item about OpenSea withdrawing NFTs, which allow you to earn royalties on Rihanna songs. A priori a link with the stories of "securities" which is the subject of regulation at the moment.
In any case, OpenSea says "are not allowed NFTs that "appear to promise fractional ownership and future profit based on that ownership." So be careful with the US market... it's the basis of your NFTs too, this percentage of remuneration for land owners. So OpenSea is dead to see PARSELLS.

This seems quite different from what we're being offered, and even more generally speaking, in NFT as a whole and in NFT related to real estate, whether it's singers on Decentraland, etc. It's clear what's on the table. It's clear that what happened with Rihanna is that what's actually sold in NFT is a share of the producer's royalties, so in effect it's like buying a PARSELL and reselling parts of it, so you separate the royalties linked to the PARSELL that's being bought back. So it's a form of co-ownership.
not at all the same as what's planned in Versity and what even exists generally for NFT Immo.



What are your customer service opening hours?

For us, it's mainly from 9am to 1pm and from 2pm to 5pm. But we're also on constant standby on the support chat to answer all your questions, and as always you can follow us and ask us your questions on our various social networks.


Can you tell us what you've been modeling since the beginning of the year?

We've done a lot of optimization on what you've already seen, namely Jean Médecin the apartments etc., so that it runs correctly from mobile and that's the case now. And we're doing quite a bit of optimization right now on mobile, really optimizing the X on full screen on all the divags, zooming in with the pinch button, etc., which won't break the navigation, so we've already done a lot of optimization work on what you've already seen.

And also, as real estate developers are very interested in this subject, we've integrated a building that's about to be built in Nice called the Iconic, which is next to the train station for those of you who know Nice. In fact, what we've modeled for you in the demo is that you go to the top of this avenue Jean Médecin and then you turn left and you come to this Iconic, so we've integrated this building and we've modeled the train station too.


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