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Versity AMA : the answers of Alexandre Berche and Christophe

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On December 30, our CMO Alexandre Berche hosted Christophe, web3 investor to talk about the Versity metaverse. A look back at the main issues of this AMA to enlighten the community on the latest news of the French real estate metaverse that connects the real world to the virtual world.


How did you fill Versity Round 2? Who are the investors?

As we mentioned before, several historical investors support the Versity project and therefore got involved in it knowing that the company Les Agences de Papa that is behind the project is publicly traded. We also have several companies and private investors who believe in the project. And here are some other new elements that go along with this:

 -Market: expanded target 

 -Production: output of new assets 

 -Min & max buy : control and no whale 

 -Vesting & Lock:invest in NFTs and real estate


How does Versity's scan-to-earn work?

The focus of Versity's progress will take the metaverse into new countries. With the sensors available on today's smartphones, the community will be able to contribute images and videos of the neighborhoods represented by the PARSELL NFTs and thus improve their 3D rendering.  

In exchange, an incentive will be distributed continuously to these contributors until the concerned PARSELL. results in an optimal graphic rendering, which induces emission programs SITY calibrated according to the new open regions (Scan-to-earn incentive program).  This incentive will be distributed from the ecosystem's SITY reserves.


When will Round 3 open and what will be the minimum buy?

Round 3 will open at noon on Monday, December 5 and the minimum buy will be $200 to allow as many people as possible to participate.


What about multi-versioning for Versity?

Multi-versioning is a possibility and part of the ambitions for future Versity releases.  
The platform will undergo multiple changes over time and improvements will be made as we go. However, we prefer to stay focused on MVP and V1 for now so we don't spread ourselves too thin.


Can you give an example of the future process for Versity?

If the future procedure means a property deposit, here are the steps: contact land owner, purchase NFT object to decorate a property or contact a builder / 3d designer to do it for him/her. 


What is the purpose of AMAs and how can we ask our questions to Versity team?

The AMAs allow us to gather all the questions from the community and answer them live while being able to answer new ones live, in order to inform as much as possible the community  about the Versity metaverse project.

We also have Eria, Matt and Jerem, our team of moderators, very present who are there to answer all your questions on our Telegram.


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