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Versity at CES in Vegas: relive the tech show with the team's diary!

ces las vegas versity


From January 5 to 8, 2023, CES was held in Las Vegas, one of the world's largest technology trade shows, and part of the Versity team was present. It was an opportunity to present the 1st real estate metaverse that links the real and virtual worlds, and to meet some of the major players in innovation and web3. We tell you all about it.



7:30 a.m.: After arriving at 10 p.m. local time the night before and a short night's sleep, the Versity team is on deck for its first day at CES in Vegas. Just enough time for a 100% American breakfast and off we go!


team versity vegas.jpegbreakfast versiity au ces.png


8:00 am: Versity co-founder Nicolas Fratini and Alexandre Berche, CMO, answer questions from Nice Matin, with a breathtaking view of the famous Vegas Mirage behind them. The interview can be found here.

versity interview nice matin.jpeg


9:00 am: We head to the Web 3 Tokenization village at CES to set up our stand and talk to as many people as possible about the Versity metaverse (and just as well, there are plenty of them!).


ces las vegas foule.pngteam versity ces.jpeg



11:00 am: Our first day begins with a bang, as we have the honor of presenting our demo video to Jean-Noël Barrot, the French Minister for Digital Transition!

jean noel barrot ministre transition versity ces.jpg


4 p.m.: A short break, just long enough to read JDN's article on the 10 French innovations making news at CES... including Versity of course!
Read the article here.


6.30pm: Meeting with CES organizer Donald Upson(no less!)

donald upson ces.png


8:00 pm: Tonight, it's field hockey at T-Mobile Arena with the Vegas Golden Knights vs. the Pittsburgh Penguins. Result 5-2 for Vegas!
match hockey vegas versity.png

11:00 pm: Contemplation of the Eiffel Tower (almost life-size) before going to bed. We've got a big day ahead of us tomorrow!
vegas ces effeil.jpeg





10:00 am: Our Sales Director Vincent Gence, aka the King of Pitch, takes to the stage to introduce Versity. Let's start the show!



12:00: Even with 9 hours to spare, there's no question of skipping this week's AMA! Matthieu Ladiray and Alexandre Berche answered questions from the community, from their room and still with an amazing view. You can find a live report here.


1:00 pm : We caught up with Frenchies Sylvain Rouget Team Côte d'Azur and Thomas Guigui from Ayming to discuss potential collaborations in our beautiful region.

3:30 pm : Meeting with Loïc Pillon, a real estate developer in Nevada, for whom we are currently demoing a residential area of Las Vegas in order to lock in our partnership.

6:20 pm: Discussions with Digihub, one of Canada's top 3 incubators, with whom we are now finalizing a partnership (physical address there, finalization of implementation strategy, etc.).




10.15am: We had a very valuable and constructive exchange with Igal Cabalo , co-founder of Bien Ici, whom we met again at Real Estate Day in Paris. To be continued...

14:30: Vincent Gence is back for the pitch competition!


concours pitch las vegas versity metavers.jpeg


7:00 p.m. : We're still hard at work on the Versity stand, and still wearing our Versity sweatshirts, which were much appreciated at the show!


versity metavers ces tech.jpeg





10:00 a.m.: We managed to escape the booth for a few moments to take a tour of the technologies presented at the show... and we weren't disappointed!

5:30 p.m.: CES was a lot of meetings, a lot of people, a lot of innovations... A huge event where we sometimes felt very small! (literally)

ces salon event versity.jpeg


8pm : Last group photo before the big departure.


ces las vegas metavers versity.jpeg


8pm: And it's already time to head back to Nice and tell the rest of the Versity team all about it. The end ... or the beginning of a great story!


las vegas versity retour avion.jpeg


The end of #CES2023, an incredibly enriching experience. We're very proud of all the positive feedback we received at the show, which is now leading to partnerships and leads that will benefit the project.


Stay tuned, the best is yet to come!
We'll keep you up to date with all Versity news on our blog.