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Hey Versity, what is an Air Drop?


The term AirDrop is increasingly used in the cryptocurrency world, especially in the Web3 ecosystem. It may sound like a familiar term to Apple users, but in the context of cryptocurrency, AirDrop has a different meaning.

What is an AirDrop?

In general, an AirDrop is a method of distributing tokens or cryptocurrencies to a large number of people for free or at a very low cost. Web3 projects can use AirDrops as a way to create engagement and attract new users to their platform. In addition, AirDrops can also be used to reward users for supporting a particular project.

How do I qualify for an AirDrop?

To be eligible for an AirDrop, you usually need to meet some specific requirements, such as:

  • Be a holder of a certain cryptocurrency or token.
  • Follow the specific project on social networks.
  • Participate in a promotional campaign by sharing information on social networks.
  • Sign up for the specific cryptocurrency platform.
  • Participate in online surveys or contests.

This list is obviously non-exhaustive and the eligibility requirements vary depending on each project. Also make sure the project is viable and solid. As they say in the business... DYOR.

What about AirDrop Versity?

AirDrop Versity is fast approaching and a large part of the community will benefit from it. Versity is a project that relies on its community to build the real estate of tomorrow, which is why people who actively participate in the development of the ecosystem will be rewarded.

Will be concerned by this distribution:

  • People who participated in the ICO (Round 1,2,3)
  • People who winned quizzes or contests on our social networks.
  • People participating in the development of the metaverse via the three incentive measures proposed by Versity (Scan to Earn, Build to Earn, Visit to Earn)

The list of conditions to be fulfilled will obviously evolve between now and the first AirDrops, so we invite you to follow our news and our AMAs to keep you informed of upcoming deadlines.