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AMA metavers Versity: we've got your back!

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As always, Alexandre Berche and Matthieu Ladiray from the Versity Marketing team were on hand to talk about the progress of our metaverse. Read the AMA summary below!



Questions about the KYC calls?

Well, it's not a fake, we're the ones making the calls. We had to deal with some small bugs during the 1st Round, so we're taking the time to call back all the people concerned, to guarantee you a quality and secure follow-up of your investments. Some of you will also receive an e-mail asking you to redo your KYC. Rest assured, it's us, and once again, it's in your interest and that of the project.


We heard the podcast on BlockX with Matthieu, in which a launch at the end of 2023 was mentioned? Is it possible to find out more?

Yes, but it's important to clarify that we're talking about a commercial launch with properties for sale. In short, you'll have Versity as a concept with the MVP, the ability to walk around Versity in the neighborhoods that will be modeled before the end of the year, and Versity as a business tool at the end of the year.


What about the first neighborhoods, streets and cities to be released?

Obviously, we'll be focusing on big cities like Paris Lyon Bordeaux Nice etc., because that's where the bulk of the market is, but our sales team is currently working on this, and discussing agreements with real estate developers.


ICO still extended, where do we stand? When will the token be listed?

Same answer as before, this end of Round 3 is subject to certain private investors who have asked us to wait to invest. As they are important to us and to the project, we're not going to deprive ourselves, even if the soft cap has been reached, because our project is very ambitious and it's for the good of its development, to go faster and further with more funds. So we're not giving a date for the moment.


Wouldn't it be better for these investors to enter once the token is listed? That would allow the token's value to rise.

Quite simply because they're investors, and they're not going to buy a token at 0.015 instead of the current 0.0060 like everyone else behind their screens who's invested in the ICO. Of course, you're going to want to get in as soon as possible for this reason, and that's also how an investor works, just like you, so obviously he's not going to get in after the listing.


If there's a Round 4 and Launchapd, will it still be 0.015?

No, it won't be 0.015, because that's the listing price. The price will be 0.07.


Polygon or BINANCE?

We opted for Polygon rather than BNB Chain for several reasons: Polygon was more reassuring from a technical point of view, in terms of anteriority and price, and it enabled us to waste less time because we would have had to change things from a technical point of view. We also had advantages from a marketing point of view in terms of support.

What about trade shows?

The AI trade show in Cannes was very interesting in terms of exchanges and contacts, with people who work either for regions or municipalities, who do a lot of 3D and with whom we could therefore work. We also had contacts from INRIA, with whom we could launch real research into AI automation for this entire chain, and we're also discussing more business-oriented contacts.

Upcoming trade shows :

- MIPIM in Cannes from March 14 to 17

- Virtuality in Paris from March 16 to 17.